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Classes & Schedules


Our Motivate Program is our adult program that runs in sessions throughout the year. Adults have the option of signing up for a whole session (between 10-15 classes) of a specific class, purchasing Class Passes that can be used across all Adult Classes or pay a Drop-in on a class/day of choice. 


The Tuition amount displayed is per class for students signing up for a whole session. Whole session students will be charged on the 1st of each month based on the actual number of classes (Example: 3 classes in September, 3 in October, 4 in November, 2 in December...). The rate for Drop-In and Class Passes is $20.00 per class. 


To register for a class, click the "Register" button and you will be redirected to our Registration Form. Students wishing to purchase Class Passes or Drop-in must also fill our registration form and then you will be able to purchase the Class Pass or pick a drop-in class/date. 

Questions? Please contact us at 306-347-2992

Due to the Pandemic we are currently not offering classes in our Motivate Program. 

Please Note: Schedule is subject to change.

Questions about our classes? Contact us:

Phone: (306) 347-2992

Email: info@classactstudios.ca

SMS: (306) 517-6200