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Physically and Emotionally

From the first step to professional success, you can count on Class Act Studios. We are committed in providing your child with knowledge, support and guidance. We pride ourselves on helping to build the physical, artistic, and social development of every student in a fun, nurturing, artistic, and educational environment while promoting self-esteem, discipline, respect, sportsmanship, strength, body and movement awareness, coordination, athletic agility, creativity and a lifelong appreciation for physical activity and performance.


Thanks to our incredibly supportive environment and training quality, Class Act Studios has been voted as a top dance school in Regina consecutively since 2017


Not only Dance Classes in Regina

Looking for short term commitment? A full year of dancing? Perhaps even getting involved in examinations and competitions?

No matter which way you want to get involved in the amazing world of dance, you are sure to find the answer in one of our inspiring programs.

All classes are taught by qualified instructors in a supportive and positive environment that will help ignite in your child a passion for dance.



One of the leading dance schools in Regina.

Class Act Studios is recognized for providing a relaxed but dynamic and professional family atmosphere that encourages confidence, self-expression and creativity through the enjoyment of dance.


Our program is open to students of all ages and levels, and it provides the environment for all performers to reach their full potential.


Class Act is consistently applauded and awarded for its creative and innovative choreography, for its age appropriate choices in music, and for the excellence in technique and performance that has proven to grow within each of its students.


​Our studio is known for its quality training in a supportive environment, high examination rates, successful participation in competitions, and knowledge on guiding students on active and healthy lifestyle and professional choices.


We pride ourselves on the fact that our instructors are all driven by a collective passion for performance and the love of children. It is also reassuring to know that our teaching staff is composed of professional, knowledgeable and inspiring individuals who are committed to a continual professional development. 


It is our goal to ignite every student with enthusiasm, by contributing to the individual's growth and progress both artistically and mentally. We have a vision to empower our performers with technical, ethical and emotional skills aiming to support them in achieving their aspirations.

Class Act Studios will be the leading provider for empowering and nurturing your child to be the best professional and person they can be, in a welcoming and stress-free environment. 



All classes are instructed by qualified and experienced professionals with extensive experience in performing arts 

Performance Opportunity

Through our Annual Year-End, competitions, and examinations, students have the opportunity to develop their performing skills



We pride ourselves on offering a safe and welcoming environment where your child can grow and be inspired


At Class Act Studios, we are committed to a continual learning. We are proud members of leading organizations in the dance industry. 

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