Fees and Tuitions

Sibling Discount

Families with more then one child enrolled in full-year programs at the Studio (September to June) will receive a discount as follow: 

  • 1st child: No discounts

  • 2nd child: 5% discount on his/her total tuition.

  • 3rd child: 7% discount on his/her total tuition.

  • 4th child and above: 10% discount on his/her total tuition. 

NOTE: Sibling discounts are applicable for children in the same family in the full-year program classes. It is not applicable for sessional classes, drop-ins or pass-cards. 

Fees & Tuitions

Sessional Programs

Registration Fees

A non-refundable Registration Fee of $25.00 (plus GST) will be included in the tuition and it is due at the time of the registration. 


Tuition (including registration fee) is due in full at the time of the registration. Tuition is non-refundable once session have started. 

Full-Season Programs

Applicable to All Full-Season Programs (Ignite, Inspire and Challenge)
Registration Fees

A non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 per child is due at the time of registration. 

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are due on the 1st day of the month from September to June. Tuition fees are calculated based on the whole year of classes and equally divided over 10 months. That takes into account the days that there will be no classes such as civic holidays, Christmas Break, Spring/Family Break, Easter Break.

Recital Package

Students in our Full-Year program (Ignite, Inspire, and Challenge) are subject to a Performance Package of $200.00 which includes the costs of the Recital Fee and the Costume for the performances. Performance Packages are charged per student, per class and it will be divided in equal instalments from September to April. All Performance Packages must be fully paid by April 1st. Performance Packages are non-refundable. 

Additional Costs

These are the additional costs with having your child enrolled in our programs.

Class Attire: Families are responsible to adhere to the class attire requirements for each class their child is enrolled in. Class Attire (bodysuit, tights, skirts, shoes) must be purchased at the Studio. The cost of these items are not included in your child's monthly Tuition or in the Performance Package. 

Recital Tickets: Tickets for our Year-End Performances are not included in the Performance Package. They will go on sale in May. 

Photos: Children will have professional photos taken and parents will have the opportunity to purchase photos separately. 

DVDs: Both performances will be professionally recorded and parents will have the opportunity of purchasing copies of the shows. 

Studio Merch : Studio t-shirt, team attire, and any promotional items

Applicable to Challenge Program Only (Competitive)

Examination Intensive Week Fees

Students in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap examination classes are subject to Examination Intensive Week Tuition Fees. These fees are due in August and are non-refundable once the Examination Intensive Week has commenced. 

Examination Entry Fees

Students in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap examination classes are subject to Examination Fees. The amount is based on the examination level (approx. $120.00-$150.00 for jazz and tap and approx. $130.00-$400.00 for ballet examinations). Examination Fees are due in August along with the tuition for the Examination Intensive Week.  

Competition Fees

GROUPS: Students in our Challenge Program (ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, broadway and hip hop) are subject to Competition Entry Fees.

Competition Entry Fees are due on the 1st of each month from September to February and it will be added to the Tuition. All competitions fees must be paid by February 1st, 2023. 

SOLOS/DUOS/TRIOS: These routines are subject to a Competition Package which includes the Competition Entry Fee and a 4 hours Choreography/Rehearsal Fee. Costumes for these routines will not be included in the Competition Package. The Competition Package will also be split from September to February. 

All competition fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. In case of cancellations, the full payment of the remaining instalments is due immediately. 

Payment Options 

Credit Card

Credit Card information will be collected at the time of registration and will be kept securely in our system. You can update your credit card information any time by contacting the Studio Office by phone. A 2.9% service charge will be applied to all credit card payments. 


The Studio is now offering e-transfer as a form of payment. Please call the Office for details.  


When paying by cheques, families must leave post-dated cheques for the entire season and agree to have a valid Credit Card on file to cover extra fees (costume deposits, costume balances, examination/competitive fees, etc). 


Payments by cash will be accept only for drop-ins fees and for payments of the full-year in advance. 

Late Fees & Penalties

Late Fees

A 10% late fee will be applied to outstanding balances on the 5th of the month. Additional 10% late fees will be applied monthly to all unpaid balances.

NSF Fees

A $45.00 fee will be charged for any cheque that is not cleared by the issuer’s financial institution for any reason. This fee, along with the original cheque amount, is to be paid within seven (7) days of formal notification. Fees not paid within this period will be subject to out Late Fee policy. 

Right to Refuse

Class Act Studios reserves the right to refuse business to anyone. The studio also reserves the right to cancel the enrolment of a child for the following reasons:

  • Non-payment or excessive late payment of fees.

  • Not observing the rules and/or policies of the studio.

  • Child has special needs that we cannot adequately meet with our current program.

  • Physical and/or verbal abuse of instructors, staff or students, by parent or child.